We would like to invite you to a literary journey across the Rhineland-Palatinate. As late as 1946 was the Bundesland Rhineland-Palatinate founded as a political unit of nearly four million inhabitants on 12.500 square miles; its different regions had already been well-known centuries before that. Not only have the wine and the romantic castles on the Rhine become famous, but also the charming forests, the city of Gutenberg, and the changeable regional history.

A cultural landscape as varied as this must naturally be the home of a wide range of writers, many of whom became inspired to write by the region itself and/or chose to live there. With the help of our Online Guide you can meet writers from early Roman times to the present; in addition, you will get to know who left his/her mark in which spot of the Rhineland-Palatinate.
Many helpful links lead to further information about cultural, economical, and historical facts concerning the Bundesland Rhineland-Palatinate.
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